Jean was crying as he was sketching Mikasa.



Jean hadn’t met Mikasa when he drew that picture. He drew it before he left for the Training Corps. You know what that means?

Mikasa is Jean’s dream girl.

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Edit: This information has been proven false. The OVA takes place in 849, so Jean has seen Mikasa. Gomen Gomen I feel horrible. This betrayal will keep me up at night


Jeankasa AU where Jean and Mikasa are both talented dancers who meet at a dance company. They both are trained in modern and ballet with various other styles mixed in. Jean has a good knack for tap and jazz while Mikasa knows some rather complicated hip-hop styles. 

Seeing their skill, their instructor, Erwin, sends them to a choreographer, Levi, to learn a routine for the next showcase where they’ll be dancing together.  


Title: Buy the Stars
Chapter Title: Meeting
Chapter: 1/?
Fandom: SnK/AoT
Pairing: Jeankasa
Summary: She’s beautiful and mysterious. But she’s also not human. Jean’s not sure if he can quite wrap his mind around it, but one thing’s for sure; he’s in for an interesting summer.
Warnings: Manga Spoilers
FF.Net | AO3

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I’m loving going through the jeankasa tag ever since the jean drawing mikasa thing because a lot of people are saying they are starting to ship it and its like yes good


ガタケ無配ジャンミカ+ログ by ゆずこ
FLOWERS FOR YOU (A JeanKasa Fan Fiction)


Her hair was the first thing I noticed. Her head looking bare, but beautiful at the same time.

It’s been two years since I was first met with that sight. I still remember every single detail of her and of that night. But, mostly her.

I wish I could have her, but the only problem standing in my way is… Jaeger. To be honest I’m jealous of that little prick. Mikasa’s attention is on him, and only him. Never me.

Her hair is still beautiful to this day. Shorter, but just as beautiful.

I’ve been spending the last month learning how to make this thing called a “flower crown”. Armin showed it to me. The first thing I thought when I first saw it was Mikasa’s hair, and how beautiful it would be if I put one on her head.

Just me.

I don’t want Jaeger putting one on her head. It wouldn’t look as nice as mine.

I guess you could say I was obsessed with the idea of putting a flower crown on her head. But it’s more than that. I want to make her mine, and let everybody know that, by her just wearing it around. Like she does with that scarf.

I know I won’t really have a chance.

But it’s worth a try right?


you know what would be the best thing ever

another jeankasa week